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Recommended Products

The products contained herein have been tested by us personally. We recommend these products for the purposes listed. The links below will take you directly to the product. 

Please feel free to recommend products you think we should test.


Locking Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

Kit includes 12 total clasps; 6 white, 6 yellow. 

The clasp features a ridged wall which helps to "lock" it closed, providing a strong closure often missed with magnetic clasps. This one we recommend. Inexpensive enough to be an easy replacement when the gold plating wears away.

Jewelry Storage Bags

We recommend these resealable pvc bags for storing your precious items. They are airtight to protect them from water, dust, tarnishing, and dirt. Ensure that your item has enough room and is not "stuffed" into the pouch. Easy to organize.


Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

We recommend mixing your own jewelry cleaner for confidence that nothing in the recipe can damage your items. 

We have provided for you the recipe and instructions on how to use the cleaner we use in house.

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